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Matt Elston

Matt began his floating journey in 2013 when living in Seattle. Floating was recommended by a friend as a “cool new experience”, and as Matt got deeper into floating he began to notice shifts in his mental and physical state. Physically, Matt started feeling looser, most noticeably with his spine. Mentally, there was a noticeable sense of calm that settled into his psyche. He found that starting a day with a float caused him to view that entire day with a warmer lens. Things continued to progress from there and time in the float tank became a valuable resource for problem solving, contemplation, and meditation.


Then, moving to San Luis Obispo, Matt had nowhere to float. And thus spawned the idea for Central Coast Floats. It became clear that help was needed to create the best possible float center…and his sister, Kelsey, came to the rescue.

Kelsey Elston

Kelsey began her floating journey at Capital Floats, located in Sacramento, California. The experience was magical - mind, body, and spirit. When Matt, Kelsey's brother, mentioned he had aspirations to open a float center in San Luis Obispo, she wanted to be involved REALLY BADLY!


Shortly, thereafter, she quit her tech sales job in the Bay Area, moved to Sacramento, and started working at Capital Floats- where her floating journey had begun. Kelsey is so excited to bring the magic of floating to the community of San Luis Obispo.

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